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In your servers server.properties, set enable-query=true and make sure query.port is set to an open port e.g: query.port=25566 "it can be any port just make sure it allows incomming UDP connections" Then click Manage, Edit your server and set Query Port(s): to the port you specified
Yes you can! Simply create a user on our website, go to your servers page and follow the instructions to the details panel to the right. Once you click the "Generate code" button a unique code will be created for you, insert this into the MOTD and click the "Check MOTD" button, this will instantly check your servers MOTD and if the code is placed anywhere inside the MOTD you will be set as owner.
Use our contact form, make sure to submit sufficient evidence that will allow us to deem you as the owner of the server, we will then claim the server to your account.
The only way someone can claim a server is if they have access to change the servers MOTD. Or they have been in contact with our staff submitting sufficient evidence to show they are operating the server, however if you find your server to be claimed by someone else use the contact form and get in touch with us regarding the issue.
Someone else most likely already added your server to our listing, you can search for the name/IP on our frontpage to find it, furthermore you are able to claim it to your account on our site to edit it to your needs, information about claiming a server is listed on the servers page to the right if it is unclaimed.
We reset all votes in the beginning of the month, to give everyone a fair chance to climb the ranks. We may also reset your votes at anytime if we suspect any cheating regarding votes.
We will most likely flat out deny any request regarding uptime reset, however if you can proove your host or similar circumstances outside of your control is the reason for your downtime feel free to send a contact email with proof and we will take a look at it.
We occasionally review votes, and remove any illegitimate votes. Illegitimate votes can be but is not limited to: Proxies or 3G networks that is merely used for inflating votes.
We limited voting to 1 IP and 1 username per server, meaning if someone in the same network "IP" as you are on voted for the server you wish to vote for it show as you casting the vote, if you still wish to vote for the server with your username you will have to change your IP either by using TOR, your phone or similar system.
Use our contact form and submit the URL of the server and explain how you think they are abusing the system, mcs-list.org staff will look into this and take action if appropriate. Do note that we do not respond back to all abuse reports unless needed.
Remember that we ping your server every 5 minutes, players may come and go inbetween these pings.
We don't list any servers that drop below 20% uptime, we will continue to ping your server for a week in case the servers uptime increase and your server will then be listed once again, if the server appears offline for a week or more it will get deleted from our list and can then be readded.
Votifier will allow people to vote on your server and allowing you to place higher in the ranking system, more info can be found here: Votifier
Yes simply click Manage, scroll down and check "Disable plugin listing"
Uptime is defined by how many successful connections we make to your server, we usually connect to your server every 5 minutes and then calculate the successful connections with the time we have had your server listed.
By throwing skittles on the ground and counting the amount of same colored candy that lands together, no seriously we keep that a secret to prevent people gaining the system.

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