Frosted Network Towny

Frosted Network is an amazing fun server to meet new people and to have a lot of fun. we are a small server at the moment but we plan on getting more game modes on here. Currently we have Towny both Hard Towny and Regular Towny, and we have Creative. We will have MiniGames comming out in the near Future but we are take Player Reviews very seriously and want to have the best server out there so we focus on Player Fun at our most! we don't want to have a bunch of game modes and they all suck we want to have few game modes come out slowly but come out AMAZING!

Status: Online
Port: 33349
MOTD: Another Bungee server
Uptime: 98.9 %
Last updated: 5 minutes ago
Ping: 16
Version: 1.12.
Players online: 2 / 150
Rank: 16
Votes: 704
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Economy PVP Spigot mcMMO

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