So.. Yeah; It's John and I'll be going through the release notes, If you do have any questions after reading feel free to comment and I'll be sure to get around to it, I'm near enough always on the Forums.

So first things first, The server will be released on Saturday, 19th March | 7pm GMT / 3pm EST | This is to provide a balance between US and EU players so to speak as everyone should be able to get on at those times; We also chose a weekend for obvious reasons.

Some details regarding the server, buycraft and the website:

?IP: Play.HorizonPvP.Com
?Store: http://thehorizonnetwork.buycraft.net/
?Forums: http://horizon-network.enjin.com/home

The website will be getting updated with the help of our website magician LordKreeq, This is just a default basic template until it's all up and running.

Ingame Features:

Custom Enchants:
We have a variety of Custom Enchants that you'll be able to use some of which include Lifesteal, Infusion, Obsidian Shield and Gears, There's roughly 20 enchants all together and there pretty fun to mess around with overall. I won't go into too much detail regarding custom enchants i'll save that for another thread.

Pretty self explanatory, Create a faction, Kill players, Build a base and raise your power level over 9000.

We decided to give it a shot with MCMMO however we've capped Axes at 250 due to the armor breaking capabilities been a tad overpowered. We're not attempting to prevent players using Axes we just want a fair combat system and Axes needed a reduction.

Grinder Ranks:
You'll be able to earn certain ranks ingame which I believe Pultrex covered in the videos I'll show at the end of this thread, The basic principal is you'll earn tokens which you can check with /tokens and when you do you can spend a certain amount of tokens to earn a rank upgrade; The top grinder rank so to speak gives Protection 3 Armor, Which is pretty neat for a free rank.

We've added a Volcano Koth and Tower Koth, These are visable on the server trailer that'll be at the bottom of this post, We have scheduled Koths and we're eventually going to work on a Palace Koth of sorts that'll happen either once a week or once a month.

Cannoning and Base plugins:

Lava Sponges:
Lava sponges, We added this feature to make wall genning cleaner and easier overall; I'm not sure about you lot but I'm a bit of an OCD Freak.

TNT Fill:
Basically a must nowadays in terms of factions, Loading TNT takes forever especially with a lot of newer cannons, This is a feature to basically help load cannons in terms of raiding.

Obsidian & Bedrock Breaker:
Obsidian - Breaks in 4 Hits.
Bedrock - Breaks in 100 hits. ($100k Per Piece)

We've got a few more features for cannoning, We've also had multiple tests ran with a few cannoners who know what there doing to test it; There good friends from Origin and they've been a ton of help with this.

Security and Anticheat:

Custom NoCheat plugin:
This is to ensure hackers don't get away with killing people and basically cheating there way through the server, We can't really say 100% there'll be no hackers; Fact of the matter is there's ghost clients, injection clients and just outright great clients that can bypass anticheats, But we'll do our best to keep said hackers contained and actually update anticheats when needed, We'll also have active staff on and a report system.

Report System:
With this system you'll be able to report players with /report and file tickets that only staff can see, So feel free to use this feature.

If players are suspected of hacking they'll be frozen by a staff member and be told to go on Teamspeak were they will be subjected to a screenshare via Join.me it's an effective way of seeing if someones hacking if said staff know what they're doing which in our case, We do.

There's quiet a few more features that'll be getting updated when I have time as I'm currently working on the buycraft; Enjin layout and ingame doing configs.

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