Twilight Kingdom

Twilight Kingdom is now a 1.12 network of servers, there is plenty to do and friendly staff. We are constantly adding and removing things with rank system, a small rpg system, skills, and many more wonderful things. We do have a shop but would like more players to include their own shops in their towns. We always welcome any type of suggestions, so please feel free to come on and check us out… If you have any suggestions please mention it and someone will direct you to the right place.. Join us at

Status: Offline
Port: 25565
MOTD: A Minecraft Server
Uptime: 99.25 %
Last updated: 237 minutes ago
Offline since: 09-12-2017 07:08 - GMT +0100
Version: 1.12.
Rank: 3676
Votes: 447
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Creative Economy Essentials Spigot Survival Towny mcMMO

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